Are you holding yourself back?

Lately I`ve been thinking about how narrow our thinking is about letting multiple sides of us come to surface. We all are so much more than just physical body or profession. Sad thing is that too many off us get so associated about what we do for living, that we think it`s all we are and all we can be. Too many work just to pay bills. I believe no one was born here just to pay bills. I know people who are so dedicated mothers that they believe it´s their lives highest purpose. When kids grow and move out, what´s left? It´s all good and serves a purpose but I believe it is wasting Universe`s opportunities to see yourself only as a one thing and with one purpose.  I believe our highest purpose in life is to take ourselves to new levels of understanding who we are. In different lifetimes our souls go through different experiences to realize more and more about ourselves.  In every lifetime we awaken from separation consciousness into the Light/Divine. There will come time when we don`t need to come here anymore to awaken ourselves more deeply. Truth is that we ALL are so much more than what we think we are, what we think we are able to do and even what we believe we could ever be. We all are amazing beings in energy perspective as well as in the deepness of our soul.

I just finished 2 weeks intensive energy training with Divine energy called VortexHealing.  My energy system and my mind is absolutely blown away.  I have never experienced my thinking or my state of being in this way that I do at this very moment. I have awakened little more to the Truth, towards the Divine and realize many things in a much wider and deeper perspective than ever before. For me working with energy is a natural calling even though if someone would told me this 5 years ago, I would told them to fuck off. Why I´m telling you this is because I want you to catch yourself with prejudice thinking about energy work.  Working with your energy field is one of the best ways to take your thinking, every day life and interaction with other people to a whole another level. I have been taking energy treatments from healers for years but only studying energy work myself took my system permanently to different dimension if I could say.  I have never ever felt so much at peace, centered, happy and joyful than I do right now. There is no reasons outside of me that could make me feel this way. Nothing has changed in my personal circumstances except that I´ve been working intensively with my own energy (or the Divine has been cooking my system to be accurate). So there is no rational reasoning to this inner peace. And I´m not even trying to rationalize it because it just does´t make sense. Some things you just have to experience yourself to know and words are too lame to describe the shift.

I want to question the narrow thinking that I come across every now and then concerning people doing multiple things. Let´s think about actors or singers who can sing, act, draw, dance and be moms/dads at the same time. Who said we are supposed to stick with just one thing, talent or skill? Who questioned multiple doings and thought you could only manage one well? I just find it bizarre. I don´t sing or dance but I can cook, coach, do energy healing, understand business and be creative with my hands. If someone thinks that for example me doing energy work on top of other blessing that I have, is something that takes out my credibility as a coach or business woman so be it. My perspective: how LITTLE those people know. Working with your energy is one the most powerful tools that you have! And I´m dead serious with this one. I´ve never experienced as big transformational changes in me than I have from working with my own energies during the past years. You can shift BIG TIME by getting new vibrations in your energy system. My whole system shifted significantly in the energy classes I just took, it was just a sign for me that this is one of the roads I´m supposed to walk on. And I´m so thankful from it, all the things I´ve learned and got to experience with VortexHealing. Thank you Universe! 

Next time you catch yourself wondering how someone is doing different things and maybe get some judgement on it, I hope you remember to stop there for a minute. Ask yourself: are you using all the potential in you at the moment? Is there things out there that you would like to know/learn/do but just haven´t got the courage yet? In how many areas are you holding yourself back? Let the Universe work through and with you. Let that inner guidance take you towards things that you feel excited about. And I guess the best advice is: Get the hell out of your own way :D 

Let that sparkle of Light shine through you and follow your bliss!

With loads of love,