In western world nowadays, women can do anything what men do and many women are acting as their men colleagues to succeed. We thrive, hustle, push ourselves to the limits in daily business. In many ways we try to be so equal with men, that we forget that as women we never were meant to do things in the same way as men. But we believe in our smart pretty heads, that´s required and must do in order to succeed.

Well it´s not. I came into this conclusion from energy perspective and because I realized why my life has gone the way it has. All of us, men and women, have masculine and feminine energy running in us. When they are in balance, we get to decide in different situations how we approach and solve the issue by using right kind of energy. But when those energies are out of balance, we use the one that has taken over our energyfield. And in western world, it´s often the masculine energy. Too many women have lost touch to their most precious power, feminine energy. It´s way more powerful than masculine energy can ever be, but it works in a completely different way.

Masculine energy is hard, pushy, straight into action type, let´s do this now kind of energy. Feminine energy comes more softly, has patience, enjoys, floads from a place of love and brings understanding into situations. It´s that nurturing, caring and thinks before it acts kind of energy. It´s the goddess energy, the kind that runs the world. Not in a masculine controlling way, instead in a harmonious soft and loving way. Some men are just as well out of balance when their feminine energy takes over. There´s a reason why the Divine created us to be different and it´s our job to figure out how to get back to balance, since we were the ones that fucked up the balance in a first place. When balance is restored, you really become a goddess of your life. Men are succumbed to the feminine energy so in order for single ladies to attract that manly man, you need to fix your energy field.

Before blaming yourself, it´s good to understand that everything is Divine play. It was meant that these two energies get into imbalance. To learn, to restore balance by turning focus into ourselves and how we can fix this issue within. It´s not a coincidence that men have wanted to press us down for centuries. Because deep down they know what can be done with female energy. I´m not a feminist, don´t get me wrong but in my world feminine energy is the one that runs the world. Why? Because it´s loving, nurturing, in touch with emotions and can build anything it desires from a place of love. Both energies are needed, but feminine energy is definately underestimated in the western world at this time. When woman is in touch with herself, let´s herself feel all the emotions without being afraid of them, is able to bring love into every situation and understands others from a place of compassion, there are all the ingredients to change anything in this world.

How do you know if your masculine and feminine energy is out of balance and what to do to fix it? I would start assuming that it is. Then you can ask yourself, do you let yourself feel whatever comes up? Is it okay for you to be vulnerable on the outside, because you know that inside you can never be harmed? Do you try to do everything yourself or are you willing to ask for help? Do you come into situations from a place of love and compassion? Do you have unbalanced relationship with your partner or as single woman do you keep meeting wrong men? Problem is easily seen in relationships when there´s imbalance. Women try to be men and men don´t know what they are needed for anymore.

We attract the opposites. Single ladies keep meeting men that are assholes, not ready to commit and don´t treat them right. Why? Because when a woman is floating in masculine energy, it means man has to to be after that kind of energy. And men who float in feminine energy field are either interested in same sex or still attached to female figure in their family. They might have not ever created themselves the need to be in masculine energy because the female in the family had it. So they used feminine energy to get along with them. Men who are still attached to their mother, already have a woman in their life. They don´t need another one and that´s why they don´t treat other women with respect or have interest in settling down. Or are just so soft and sissies that most women don´t want them because they lack masculine energy, which is expected from them. Mamma issues among men are so common that it´s ridiculous and this whole cycle comes from this same problem: women try to be men in their behaviour and inner world!

Solutions to get that feminine energy running better again are pretty simple. I have been curing myself with energy healing, but if that doesn´t resonate then there´s other things to practise with. Start getting deeply in touch with yourself, listen, feel what´s really going on in you. Let those emotions come to surface. Cry. Be vulnerable until finding your inner strength. Let people help you and ask for help even when you think you might not need it. Looks or how much female effort you put into your appearance doesn´t necessarily have anything to do with energyfield. I have compensated my lack of feminine energy with all kinds of "women" stuff. It doesn´t help, it can support the change but the work is done inside, not outside. More you turn inside, more you get in touch with yourself. Masculine energy is out, feminine energy is in. That´s why we have pussys and men ejaculate...

I´m here for you with coaching and energy healing, if you feel like you want help with balancing these two energies.

With Love & Light,


kaisa w koskinen


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