In spiritual circles there is lot of talk about forgiveness and how important it is. I think it´s important to forgive but not for the sake of the other person. In my world forgiveness is really for myself. Think about a situation where your spouse cheats on you and it comes to light one day that it happened. He or she feels supersorry about it but does it help anyone to heal from the misuse of trust when someone is sorry? And what happens when you forgive the other person? Who is the forgiveness for, you or the other person?

This is how I see it. If someone asks for my forgiveness, I can give it to them to set them free of guilt. Whole another story is that do I forgive myself of trusting the other person or for having expectations that were not met. It´s easy to forgive someone when they really seem to be sorry. It helps the other person mainly to move on and think that okay, I got my sins forgiven. We are taught at home (or at least should be), that we have to say sorry if we do something that hurts the other person. But just being sorry seems to be superhard for many, it just amazes me how people raise their kids. No judgement but it´s reality. At the same time nobody teaches us to forgive ourselves, which is the most important part of forgiveness.

I forgive everyone who does me wrong. I´ve been cheated, fooled, taken advantage of and tricked to believe all kinds of things. But it´s okay because I see it all as a Divine play. When truth comes into the light, all I can learn is what the situation is trying to teach me. Like when I was cheated on, I realized that I had been wearing love glasses on so tightly, that I didn´t read any signs that the other person didn´t want same things as me. I learned that I need to respect myself more and not settle for anything less. I learned to be more brutally honest with my desires, needs and how I should value them over anything. How I should always set myself first.

When people lie to me, it comes from a place of fear in them. People usually lie that you would like them more or when they try not to hurt your feelings. All the lying has taught me, how living from a place of honesty and dignity is all I have. It´s one of the most precious possessions that I have within me and I would never poison it for the sake of someone liking or disliking me. We all have lied and taken advantage of to some degree, it´s part of the human experience. But we can always set higher standards to ourselves, try to become more transparent in our actions.

When you forgive the other person of their lack of morals or whatever it is, you should check are you forgiving yourself as well. Forgive yourself of your lack of judgement, bad decisions, placing your trust into wrong places and being blue eyed. It really is the most liberating thing you can do. It will truly set you free. Life becomes so much more comfortable when we understand that all of this is a Divine play and everything happens in order to teach us. If you keep getting lied to or cheated on time after time, you are obviously not doing the inner work that is asked from you. Only way to liberate ourselves from certain kind of experiences, is to really look what are they trying to get us to realize about ourselves. But since many people will do almost anything else than look inside, shit keeps hitting the fan. Over and over and over again. Fun huh?!

We always make the best decisions we can, based on the information that we have. Sometimes it´s little and sometimes it´s more. Nothing happens without a point in the eyes of the Divine. So whatever choices you have made and how bad they have turned out to be, it was all Divine doing. More you can accept that life doesn´t happen against you, it happens for you, then you will start to have different perspective on everything.

You don´t need to forgive anyone if you don´t want to. If you want to hold the grudge and think negatively, blame always on others and see yourself as victim, feel free to do that. It just takes tremendous amount of negative energy, that is held in your system at all times. If you want truly to move on and set yourself free, you will forgive the other person (you don´t have to ever tell them about it) and FORGIVE YOURSELF. Understand how the other person acted from a place of fear instead of love. Understand that there´s a reason why it all happened. Your job is to live your life and figure out at some point why it all happened. You will find out sooner or later, that it might have been the best thing that happened. It might help you to move on from this person, or it might help you not to trust these kind of people in the future. Next time you will be smarter and not so blue eyed, IF you take the lessons that Universe in providing you.

Always love yourself more.

XXXO Kaisa


vortex healing

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