You might have heard the saying, that through other people we see ourselves. Especially people who are close to us function as mirros perfectly. Whatever they do to upset you, trigger or say that goes under your skin, is actually an issue within you wanting to come into daylight. Once you understand more about your own insecurities, fears and other issues, you can figure out if you still want these things to run your relationships. Or do you prefer understand your behaviour and why you behave the way you do?

Only when you know what lies underneath the trigger, you will be able to set yourself free. Being free to me means, that I get to choose if I get triggered or not. It takes time to get rid off triggers that we have, because we have certain issues for a reason. They are here to teach us certain lessons and give us realizations in this journey called life. Ultimate goal is to set us free from issues, go to the other side of them by living through them. Understanding that everything what happens, happens for our highest good. There is no one who can trigger you. It´s all your own doing.

There´s a reason why so many people just get upset and always blame on others from hurting them. "Ohhhh this is what he did, he´s such an asshole!" "How someone dares to treat me this way, I deserve so much better!". "He makes me so mad!". You know these situations I´m talking about. Instead at looking at ourselves, it´s way easier to blame others. Our mind is looking all the things the other person did wrong, when we should ask ourselves what are these reactions telling about me? What gets triggered in me, that I get mad/frustrated/upset?

I was once seeing this guy, who always showed up whenever it suited him, usually like in an hour or less notice. In the beginning it was fun but then I just got so pissed about it. How dare he just show up and expect I have time for him? How rude of him not to tell me like 24hours before about his plans and politely ask if I have time to see him. After being irritated about this behaviour some time, I realized why this was an issue for me. Old me had control issues and I used to want control my life as much as possible. It brought a sense of security to me, which turned out to be a complete illusion. I thought that when I´m in control of everything, all will go as planned. Little did I know back then, it was a great mindfuck until the whole bubble bursted. In life there´s no quarantees. So actually the problem wasn´t him showing up on my doorstep with short notice, the issue was that I still wanted to have security from control. And his behaviour showed me to work on my own issue instead of accusing him. He was just living in the moment and preferred live that way. Who says that it was wrong? At the same time it was his risk, that I wouldn´t be available.

Life shows us in so many ways where we have work to do. Most people haven´t realized yet, that only way out of this maze called incarnation, is through working on yourself. But it will hit them one day. We are more ready and open for self-development than ever before, humankind is taking major leaps in self-realization. So next time you get triggered, instead of pointing finger on others, try to point it to yourself. It will benefit you more in the long run than always playing the blamegame.

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