One of the big teaching in my life has been to realize how attachment kills everything good. More I get attached to someone, more they feel the need to run away. Because people recognize neediness, even when we don´t realize it in the mind level. The energy of neediness is just repelling. So more thoughts of need we put out there, less we get back. Universe has to reflect our thoughts and when we think we lack something, that is exactly what we get. So how to set yourself free from attachment and that needy energy? By understanding that tighter you try to hold on, further something goes. Try not to own or possess anything in life. Let everything flow as much as possible and let people come and go. You cannot have or own anyone. They are not yours, no matter what kind of agreements of marriage or relationship you have made with them. Nobody owns anyone or anything, we are all free agents here.

To became free of attachment of any kind, is to find the root of it. What does this thing or person represent to me? What I think it brings me? Maybe you think the other person is the only one that can give you deep love. Maybe you think you cannot connect with anyone else like that physically, mentally or energywise. Maybe you think this person is everything to you. If they would leave your reality, you would just loose everything that matters. You might think life would not be the same without this person in your life. But is that really true? Can you honestly tell yourself, that if this one person decides to leave your ass for someone else or even by dying on you, you could not get back on your feet and become happy again?

You know in your heart it´s not true. People come and go out of our lives all the time. We move in and out of resonance with other people constantly. What once felt like the most important relationship in your life, now makes you wonder what did I see in that person back then. Memory of it makes you wonder how could you once be so obsessed with that person. What happened? You shifted into another vibrational level. Neither one of you are anymore in same energetic level. That´s why it was time to move on, the relationship served it´s purpose for both of you and now it´s over. New amazing experiences are on their way.

Universe always works in a perfect way to teach us lessons. It challenges us to grow in situations, which seem really hard to overcome but once we get to the other side, we realize how perfect the teaching was and how much we learned from it. None of the things we are dealing with are random. There is no such thing in this Universe. So we need to figure out why we are having this experience, what is it trying to teach. It´s impossible to get rid of attachment, if you don´t want to look what it represents in a first place. Attachment to people has usually underlying issues with self-love and about love in general, self-worth and lack of faith in Universe.

If you think you cannot be whole without someone showing their love to you, you really are walking yourself into a lot of misery. There is no love outside of yourself, you create, experience and feel the love withing yourself. No one else can make you feel something, if you don´t create that for yourself. If your self-worth is bound to other people and their behavior, it´s a recipe for eternal feeling of being a zero. Self-worth is how you see yourself, how much value you put on you. Not in a arrogant way but in a truthful way. What is really arrogant is to see yourself unworthy, when you are the creator of everything in your life. Divine doesn´t make mistakes. If you were a mistake, you would not exist. You are part of the Divine experiencing itself, so always know that you are infinite worth. Always. Divine loves you so much that it created you and sended you on this journey. You are love, not loved.

Attachment becomes a problem, when we have or start to have lack beliefs about how Universe works. If someone doesn´t want you in their life anymore, so what? Universe is showing you, that it is time to move on. You have many other souls to have fun with and Universe is guiding you into something even better. When our 3D versions (earth figures) don´t get along anymore, our higher selves are dancing and enjoying each others company in another plane. Even when you don´t see the other person anymore, it doesn´t mean you cannot think positively about them. They can still be part of your journey, just not in physical but energetic way.

So became as free as you can within yourself. Try to be attached to nothing. Have faith. Just as you know after night comes a new day, have this same faith in your life. Let go of the things and people that don´t serve you anymore. Let people come and go, the ones that are meant to stay, will do it without any efford on your end. Become a free agent of your life and free of everything on it!

Om Namah Shivaya. Like, comment and share my Light :)

Kaisa W Koskinen, Spiritual growth coach