I´m learning to make new vegetarian dishes, since I found out that vegetarian diet is best for my body. I created this dish intuitively and it turned out SUPERGOOD :D All the ingredients are found from a good size grocery stores in Finland.

vegetarian pasta

Things you need to have:

  • Vegetarian pasta made of beans
  • Härkis (made of king beans)
  • Basil x2 bags
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic (1-2 little pieces)
  • Veggies of your choice to add into pasta (avocado, leek, zucchini)

How to make it: (pasta and pesto)

  1. Boil the vegepasta the time it needs
  2. Make the pesto while pasta is boiling:
    1. Put the leaves into cup
    2. Add some cheese (2-3 slices)
    3. Add some garlic slices if you like garlic (1-3 pieces)
    4. Add sea salt
    5. Add olive oil
    6. Blend (make sure you have enough olive oil, otherwise it´s too stiff)
  3. Pour the water out and add some olive oil to the pot
  4. Add härkis and veggies of your choice
  5. Put spices you like (pepper, salt, etc.)
  6. Stir for few minutes, just to mix everything and get veggies warm
  7. EAT :)

Made with love,